Founded in 1933, The Harrisburg Camera Club welcomes all photographers from the newest beginner to the most experienced.

Membership Benefits
• Fellowship and fun in learning to take better pictures.
• Constructive evaluations of every member’s prints and images by experienced photographers/artists.
• Recognition for quality and merit achievement in photography.
• Field Trips and Education
• Discount on purchases at local camera shops and picture framing shops

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Meeting Oct 18th

Oct. 18th Education Meeting
Editing Your Images
with Lightroom and Photoshop


The October 18th meeting will be an educational meeting, showing how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit your photographs.

This educational meeting will focus on using the Camera Raw engine in both Lightroom and Photoshop to improve your images.  Topics will include:

  • Camera Raw dialog
  • global adjustments
    • exposure
    • setting white and black points
    • adjusting contrast
    • color adjustment
    • correcting white balance
    • noise removal
    • sharpening
  • local adjustments
    • adjustment brush
    • gradients
    • spot removal
    • noise removal
    • sharpening

Members are asked to bring unprocessed RAW images that Chip and Randal will process in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Members images will be selected at random for processing.

Chip Cain will demonstrate Lightroom and Randal Lathrop will demonstrate Photoshop.  Each will demonstrate how to accomplish editing tasks with Lightroom and Photoshop.  Editing will be limited to 5-minutes per image to maximize the number of member images processed.

The meeting will start at 7:00 pm and end no later than 9:00 pm.

submitted by Randal Lathrop, Oct. 16th, 2016

Field Trip Oct 23rd

HCC Field Trip to

North of Holtwood in Lancaster County

Leaving Camp Hill at 1:00 PM


The Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve in Lancaster County is a forested ravine encompassing the area along Tucquan Creek.  This preserve feature the Tucquan Creek, cascades, woods and rhododendron forest.  The upper two-thirds of the glen are beautiful and peaceful and the lower third is wild and rugged with cascades of water rushing down to the Susquehanna River. The north and south side trails are canopied with hemlock trees, deciduous trees, and rhododendron that follow Tucquan Creek from River Road to the Susquehanna River.  This pristine environment is similar to the Tumbling Run in Pine Grove S.P.; but unlike Tumbling Run, the stream is much larger and wider with a gentle elevation change until you get closer to the Susquehanna River where the creek is filled with large boulders and a steep elevation drop.  Sunset is about 6:20, but it will be getting darker earlier in the woods.  We should be returning to Camp Hill no later than 8:00 PM.

This trip is schedule for fall color. We will carpool from the Giant Grocery Store parking lot next to Arby’s and Rt.15 on Sunday October 23rd, leaving at 1:00.  We will head down I-83 past York and then take Rt. 74 down to Rt. 372 going east over the Susquehanna River.  After crossing the river we head north up River Rd. for a short period.  The drive is about 60 mi., but will take about 1hr. and 20 min.  Sunset is listed at 6:15 and since we will be in the woods, expect it to be dark earlier than 6:15.  We should have about a solid 3+ hrs to photograph in the preserve.

To photograph here I would strongly suggest wearing substantial shoes and dressing for the weather and temperatures.  You may want a second pair of shunnamed-1oes for the ride home if you plan to stand in the creek or accidently get your feet wet.  What else should you bring: water, a fully charged battery, extra batteries, extra digital cards, a tripod, possibly a flash for fill flash and/or reflector to throw additional light in dark places, a longer lens and/or a wide angle, a polarizer for cutting glare and reflections and gas money for your driver.

See you on Sunday at 1:00.

Trip Leader - Andrew Hoff  -  andrewhoffphotography@gmail.com

Field Trip Oct. 30th

Photography Field Trip to
Great Falls of the Potomac
and the C&O Canal in Maryland
Sunday October 30th

The big trip this fall season is to the Maryland side of the Great Falls of the Potomac/C&O Canal.  The club has been to this location before.  We will carpool from the Camp Hill Giant grocery store parking lot nearest the Arby’s.  We need to leave no later than 6:00 in the morning, since sunrise is around 7:30.  We won’t make it by sunrise, but we will have good light for the morning shoot.

The Maryland side is the best side for photographing the falls.  A look at the Google satellite map reveals a boardwalk with connecting bridges over two islands that ends at a photography platform overlooking the largest section of falls, total length about a half mile.  Access to the Virginia side of the falls is approx. 15-minute drive.  There may be good light in the afternoon to photograph the falls from the Virginia side.

There are several smaller falls to photograph that slot between the islands in the river.  There are many other trails that branch out from the destination and they are varied and most are level.   One follows the river south (that is a strenuous hike) and one north, another follows the canal, one climbs to a higher viewpoint and some are tree-lined paths in the woods bathed in fall colors.

If you get bored with the falls, The Great Falls Tavern built in 1831 sits beside the C&O canal acting as the visitor’s center.  There are several locks and buildings to photograph or you can take a rest on a mule-pulled canal boat ride that lasts one hour and departs at 11, 1:30 and 3:00 for a fee of $5.00/person.

This will be an all day trip with a return to Camp Hill after dark around 9:00.  Suggested items to bring are extra cards for your camera, extra batteries, a polarizing filter, tripod, flash unit, comfortable shoes or hiking boots.  There is a snack bar near the visitor’s center that will be open in October for lunch and refreshments and restrooms at the visitor’s center. The National Park Service fee is $20.00 per car load.  Don’t forget to contribute gas money/park service fee to your driver.

Field Trip Leader - Randal Lathrop (president@harrisburgcameraclub.org)

Field Trip Oct 15th

Photo Field Trip to the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum
in Hamburg, PA

Saturday October 15th leaving at 8:30 AM

We will be returning to the Reading Railroad Museum http://www.readingrailroad.org/visit.shtml in Hamburg, PA on Saturday, October 15th. We last visited the museum five years ago.  The railroad museum has a variety of about 70 pieces of rolling stock ranging from freight cars, SEPTA passenger cars, regular passenger cars and locomotives.  There is a separate shooting fee charged for this location that will be divided among those going to the site.

We will leave from the Giant Grocery Store in Camp Hill at 8:30.  Please park on the Arby's side of the lot, this is our usual location for carpooling.  It is an hour and fifteen minutes to get there and we should arrive as the museum opens.  We will photograph from 10:00-12 Noon; take an hour for lunch in Hamburg and return to shoot from 1:00 - 3:00.  We should be back at the Giant by 4:30.  For those of you on the East Shore we will meet you at Holiday Inn off the Manada Hill exit #80 off I-81 or you can go on your own.  I will need to know if we are stopping at the Holiday Inn, otherwise we will not stop, but go directly to the museum.

The Imprrhmlogoortant Stuff:

The trip will be restricted to the first 16 people who sign-up.  You must be a member of the HCC to go. We are limited on the number of people we can take into the train yard.  The Museum has a policy that every group of eight photographers most have a docent (member of the museum staff) with them.  We are restricted to two docents, thus only 16 members.  There is also a photograph fee to photograph in the yard.  This fee is $20.00/hour for groups of 10 or less, $30.00/hour for groups of 11-20.  Don't ask me why the breakdown between the number of photographers/docent and costs don't match because I don't know.
Here is the photo policy from the Reading Railroad Museum. "Photography is permitted for personal use only.  Any public/commercial use of the photographs requires a written release from the Director of Museum Operations.  Groups shall not exceed eight people per docent.  Photographers getting on equipment need to sign a waiver.  We will only open one example of a car or locomotive.  Additional fees apply - $20/hr. groups of 1-10, $30/hr groups of 11-20 people". 

I will need a final list of the members who are going by Thursday October 13th so I can e-mail that list to the Director of Museum Operations.  They need the list to schedule the docents.  Do not call!   To sign-up e-mail me at president@harrisburgcameraclub.org to get on the list.  Remember this is a first come, first served list.

What to bring:
Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  You will probably be walking on large stones, rails and railroad ties.  Please bring extra batteries, water, a wide angle lens as well as a macro lens, extra memory cards, a tripod, polarizing filter and maybe a flash to fill in shadows.  At least $20.00 for shooting fees; lunch money and cash for your driver if you plan to car pool.

Field trip leader is Randal Lathrop.

To sign up or for more info e-mail Randal Lathrop at: president@harrisburgcameraclub.org


Harrisburg Camera Club
October 4th, 2016 Meeting
Is *** CANCELLED ***

Meeting Sep 27th

Discussion on Judging
for the 2016-2017 Competition Cycle


As part of the Sept. 27th meeting, the Harrisburg Camera Club will be holding a discussion about judging for the 2016-2017 competition cycle.

Irene VanBuskirk, interim Vice-President, has proposed using only one judge per digital competition, compared the three judge system we have been using of the past 4-5 years.

She has taken the time to write about the pros and cons for each judging system (1 vs. 3), and it is listed below.

During the meeting, the executive board will host the discussion and invite members to participate, ask questions, and provide comments.  At the end of the meeting, a vote will be taken to determine if the club will continue with the current judging system, or make a change for the 2016-2017 competition cycle.

It is very important for members to attend and participate because this directly affects the membership.  The membership will decide which system they want in place.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and hearing your comments on the subject.

Irene VanBuskirk
Vice-President (interim), Harrisburg Camera Club

One Judge vs. Three Judges

One of the duties of the vice president is to obtain judges for the competitions.  In the two years of which I have been an HCC member I haven’t seen an advantage to the 3 judge panel for digital competitions and I suggested a change to the HCC executive board.  I proposed that we try using one different judge for each digital competition.

Although I have talked to the executive board and different HCC members to hear the opinions of others, this is a decision that needs membership involvement.  I would like the membership to consider, discuss, and determine by vote to accept or reject the proposal to use one judge for the digital competitions for one year and then decide to either continue using only one judge or go back to the three judge panel.  We have scheduled a meeting for this conversation on September 27th. Below are the reasons for my proposal.  I have given this a great deal of thought.

Arguments for a One Judge Digital Competition
Although three judges theoretically seem like a good idea because, after all, three heads are better than one, this doesn’t seem to work in practice.  Other dynamics are at work among the threesome.   The judges may not know each other before the first competition, or even if they do, the strongest personality seems to lead the pack.  There also seems to be a hesitation to voice an opinion if it differs from a respected colleague who is on the panel.  One judge stated that he felt like he had to react to another judge’s proclamations about photography, which he considered inaccurate.  Some judges seem to feel that they need to justify their opinion to another judge.  Other judges have stated that they prefer judging alone.
In practice most of the time the judges seem to agree with a few differing opinions voiced.

There is also the time factor.   It takes three judge longer to give their opinion about the image, even if their critiques do not differ.
I believe it would be just as helpful to have one judge who could take the time to talk about the images and give his/her critique?

There is the argument that one judge may have a bias towards one aspect of photography and three judges counter and eliminate the bias.  I haven’t seen that, but I have only been part of the membership for two years. Every judge comes with a bias towards one thing or another (We all do). Some of them verbalize that during the competition, some others don’t, but all have one.  That is not going to change.  We hope for a judge who recognizes this and tries to move beyond it.  We are asking for their opinion.  We don’t have to like it or even agree, but it is still helpful to hear how an expert in the field views our work.  Most judges begin by saying something along the lines of, “Remember this is my opinion and art is subjective.”

The other component to this proposal is to have a different judge for each digital competition.  This way the club members would still hear the opinion of five different judges (4 digital competitions plus digital image of the year) who could freely express what they think without considering the impact his/her opinion may have on the other judges.

As far as scheduling, I think judges would more easily commit to one date than having to commit to four dates throughout the club year.  As a result, we would have more choices for judges.  And there is nothing to stop us from scheduling them in the beginning of the HCC photo club year.

Another consideration is the reduced cost of one judge instead of three for each competition.

As I stated earlier, these are my feelings so that you know that I have thought about this and my suggestion is not capricious.  I believe that this is a club membership decision.  I’d especially like to hear from those members who attend meetings and competitions and those who have judged competitions.  I have sat on judging panels, but not for photography.
I am proposing that we try a different judge for each digital competition for one year and see what we think.

Advantages to the Current Three Judge Panel
For several years it has been the practice of HCC to have a panel of three judges for the digital image competitions.  Before that HCC had a single judge for the digital competitions.  I have included the board’s original reasons for the change to a three judge panel.  These reasons were given to me by members of the executive board.

One reason is that scores were all over the place from one competition to the next.  It was believed that three judges would provide some consistency in judging; it was worth the added expense. In addition, scheduling three judges in the beginning of the season was easier than scheduling a different judge for each competition date.  Some members thought that three judges were important in breaking a tie in the scores.

Kick-Off Meeting Sep 13th

Dave, #0007Harrisburg Camera Club

Kick-Off Meeting - September 13, 2016

Guest Speaker

Dave Moser


The Harrisburg Camera Club is proud to present Dave Moser at their Kick-Off meeting on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at the Giant Grocery Store Community Room, 3301 Trindle Road, Camp Hill, PA (in the Camp Hill Shopping Center) from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  All are welcome to attend.

Dave will be speaking about his personal projects as well as his professional work which includes environmental portraits of well-known celebrities and industry leaders.  The focus of the talk will be about his current personal project, "The American Housewife”: from the genesis of the project, through the creation of the images, to the application of the work in both his fine art and commercial careers.Picture1

Dave will also speak about how he approaches assignments and getting the most out of his subjects.  He is a part of the new breed of national level photographers enjoyingPicture2 success in the highly competitive field of institutional, advertising and editorial photography.

Dave Moser has a very diverse background that includes everything from mathematics to construction, philosophy to fine art, all while cultivating his passion for people.  He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography first in his class.  After discovering the world of commercial portrait photography, he fell in love with the nuances in the field of photography, inclusive of problem solving, collaborating and working with different people in different places every day.

His portraitures have brought him fame throughout the world, with his work featured in Forbes, Parade, People, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine and Fast Company, to name a few.  His highly emotional images have resulted in awards in Graphis, Applied Arts, Prix De La Photographie Paris, Communications Arts, PDN, ADMP, and more.

Dave is based in Philadelphia, PA, a seeker, an artist, a photographer, father, husband and lover of all things eclectic; a listener, cook, marketer, outdoorsman, business person, and voyeur.

To learn more about Dave Moser, please visit his website at www.davemoser.comPicture3

July Meeting

Tuesday, July 26th at 7:00


in the Giant Community Room at the Giant Grocery store at 3300 Trindle Rd. in Camp Hill

 We are going to hold our Summer group print critique


It's time to prepare your prints and get them made.

On Tuesday night July 26th,  at 7:00 the Harrisburg Camera Club will hold its Summer print critique night.  We have run this program the last few years and it was very successful.  All participants that bring prints will lay them out on tables spread out in the room.  Everyone, whether you bring a print or not, will be a part of the critiques.  All those attending the meeting will be asked to critique the images anonymously with colored golf tees.  Participants will be judging the prints by placing colored tees next to the prints.  After the images are tagged we will discuss the merits of the prints.  We will have detailed instructions printed out when you arrive.   Come to the meeting and let's try something different! 

Here are the Print critique guidelines for this meeting only.

1. Only paid HCC members will get their prints critiqued. Non-members or HCC members that did not bring prints will be encouraged to participate in the critique process.

2. Only two (2) Monochromatic/B&W prints per person and two color prints per person. A member is allowed to bring a maximum of four prints.

3. These prints do not need to be mounted or matted. That will be at the discretion of the maker. Minimum imaged size is 8 x 10 maximum 20 x 24.

4. Prints that are framed or framed and under glass will not be critiqued.

5. If you have any questions call Andrew Hoff at 975-0630 or 592-9304

Field Trip July 17th

Sunflower Field Photography Fieldtrip

at the Sunflower fields in Poolesville, MD

at the 

Mckee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area

Sunday July 17th at 3:00 PM


imageThis is one of the most popular and well-attended field trips the Harrisburg Camera Club takes.  This year we are traveling two months earlier than normal and going to a different location.  We will be going to the commercially grown sunflower fields at the Mckee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area near Poolesville, Maryland.  We will travel down Rt.15 to I-270 then head towards Washington D.C. and get off I-270 at the Barnesville Exit (maps provided).  It is about an hour and a three-quarters from our meeting location at the Camp Hill Giant.

We will be car pooling from our usual location on the Arby’s side of the Camp Hill Giant Grocery Store, at 3:00 PM in the afternoon.

For those closer to Carlisle, there is an alternate starting place in Carlisle (parking lot across from Pizza Hut near Lowes) for those south of Camp Hill.  Departure time is still 3:00 PM.  Contact Randal Lathrop if you plan to leave from Carlisle.

Here is a link to the site http://dnr2.maryland.gov/wildlife/Pages/publiclands/central/mckeebeshers.aspx

 We plan to leave Camp Hill at 3:00 and arrive at about 5:45 which should give us 3 hours to photograph the fields since sunset is around 8:30.  Expect to return at about 10:00 or later. We will need to car pool.  The sunflowers should be in full bloom when we get there and expect to see bees and butGetAttachment-2.aspxterflies on the sunflowers. At this site you can use all of your lenses.  For insects you may want to bring a macro lens.  A long lens is also useful for compressing distance.  This location is very good for those photographers that have short telephotos or wide angle lens.  The soil in the sunflower fields is river silt and it is a reddish clay.  If it is damp it will stick to your shoes.  There are no buildings here and very few, if any power lines.  There is a parking lot so having cars in the photo will not be an issue.  Your trip leader is Andrew Hoff.


What to bring:  Extra digital cards, extra batteries, polarizing filter, a reflector or white foamcore, black foamcore, an umbrella that is translucent white or solid white if you have one, flash unit, tripod, a tripod clamp, comfortable shoes, long pants, a ladder to photograph from above and drinking water.  We will hold this field trip unless we are looking at an all day rain event.

Banquet May 24th



Tuesday May 24th
6:00 – 9:00 PM
Park Inn, Mechanicsburg


 The Harrisburg Camera Club’s Year-End Celebration and Awards banquet will be held at the Park Inn in Mechanicsburg on May 24th, 2016.  The banquet is open to Camera Club members, spouses, guests and friends of the Camera Club.   The arrival time is 6:00 PM. Dinner service will start at 6:30 PM.  The cost of the banquet is $24.00 for club members and $29.00 for guests and friends of the Camera Club.

Dinner Menu

Appetizer - Fresh Chilled Fruit Cup
Salad - Tossed Garden Salad

Entrée (choose one)
Tuscan Style Chicken – served in a wild mushroom and Marsala wine sauce
Island Marinated Pork Tenderloin Medallions
Vegetarian Lasagna – served with garlic toast

New York Cheesecake

All entrées include a fresh vegetable medley, Chef’s choice of rice, pasta, or potato, fresh rolls with creamy butter, freshly brewed coffee, assorted hot teas, iced tea, and water.

Soft drinks and adult beverages will be available for purchase in the upstairs restaurant/bar and are not included in the cost of the dinner.

Following dinner will be the Awards presentations.

Please join us as we celebrate the end of another successful season of image making with food, camaraderie, entertainment, and awards.

DON’T DELAY.  The deadline for reservations is Thursday, May 19th. Checks should be made payable to the Harrisburg Camera Club.  Please include a contact phone number I can reach you with your payment.  Please indicate your choice of entrée.  It would be best if you would pay in advance by mailing the checks to:

Randal Lathrop
80 Meade Drive
Carlisle, PA  17013

I will accept checks (no cash) at the banquet, but I will need to know by Thursday May 19th if you are planning to attend!

Park Inn is located off exit 3 (US-11/Carlisle Pike) on Hwy 581.

From Carlisle and points south, take Interstate 81-N to Hwy-581 E and proceed to exit 3. At the light, turn right and Park Inn is immediately on your right.

From Harrisburg and points north, take Interstate I-83/Hwy-581 W towards Mechanicsburg and proceed to exit 3.  At the light, turn right and Park Inn is immediately on your right.

From Lancaster and points East, take I-83N to Hwy-581 W towards Carlisle and proceed to exit 3.  At the light, turn right and Park Inn is immediately on your right.

Dress Code:
Business casual –no jeans, no sneakers and no shorts.

Any questions or reservations please e-mail Randal Lathrop at vicepresident@harrisburgcameraclub.org

Submitted by Randal Lathrop – Vice President